Way to Buy Local Food easily!

Organic lifestyle just got easier for Mooresville & LKN

  • What is a buying club?
    Organic Christians Buying Club is a community organization that allows for distribution of local food direct from farmers in our area and ability to purchase health store items at a discounted rate (on average between 20-30% off retail). The director works directly with each farmer for the transactions and then coordinates with drop locations to deliver goods. Our buying club is set up online for convenient ordering for our members.

  • What are the membership requirements?
    • -$49.99 for Mid-April thru September or $9.99/month;this helps with automobile expenses, credit card fees-($0.30 per transaction plus 3% that we incur) coolers, reusable crates or bags, website fees, and office expenses
    • - Pickup will be onThursday or Fridays in Salisbury, Mooresville, and Kannapolis
    • What are the benefits of a membership?
      • Access to local farms in the area. We have personally visited the local farms to insure their integrity and farm practices. We have also used their products for our family. We have spent approximately 4 years building relationships and trying to find a way to help local farmers sell direct. Farmer's Markets are a great tool however many farms do not have extra working hands to help out. This means they have to take a whole day away from their farm chores (which is utterly impossible) to spend the day at a market in which they may sell very little depending on the weather.
      • Discounts on health products. By purchasing as a group we meet the minimum requirements of $250 to take part in a wholesale distribution of health store items. From bulk herbs, teas, vitamins, nutritional bars, body care products (shampoo, feminine items, baby lotion, make up, toothpaste. etc.), supplements, spices, and much more! Over 7,000 items we will eventually be able to choose from. (All 20-30% off retail price (click to see examples of pricing)
      • Opportunity to build a community of like minded people. Find the support and wellness group that will help you and encourage you. What a delight it will be to gather together our local community in support of local food and healthy living.
      • Classes and meetings designed to help support your healthy lifestyle. Our plan is to eventually add opportunities to take part in sample tastings of the local farms, to attend canning classes, aromatherapy classes and Biblical Health Trainings. Access to live webinars "How to classes" on laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, & lip balms.
      • Referrals to local alternative therapists in the area. During your preventive journey you may wish to visit a massage therapist, acupuncturist, holistic practitioner, personal trainer, chiropractor, etc.