NEW! Add a Guestbook & Online Photo Filer photos to WebSite Tonight®

Interact with customers, family and friends! Add a guestbook to your WebSite Tonight® site so they can leave comments and feedback. To get your guestbook up and running, simply:

Click ‘Guestbook‘ under ‘Build Web Site’
Set up the Guestbook Administrator login and email address

Your guestbook will be fully customizable – new comments can either be posted automatically or require your approval. There’s also a profanity filter with either predefined words or words you define, or you can use no profanity filter at all. You can even use the new color customizer to set comment and entry form colors. And to help protect your guestbook from unwanted spam, visitors are required to enter a valid email address and security code.

But there’s more! You can also now pull Online Photo Filer image galleries into your WebSite Tonight site – no more uploading to both sites. Simply upload the images to your Online Photo Filer site and you’ll pull the same images into your WebSite Tonight site, too!


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